About us

What we do

Optical Academy Alliances provides fully equipped mobile optical vehicles, exclusive territories, and all you need to provide mobile ON-SITE Eye care and Eyewear services.

Align with the trusted and proven Optical Academy brand that provides onsite Eye care and Eyewear to the largest organizations in the country. Optical Academy Alliances will provide rigorous training and certify eye care providers how to deliver the Award Winning Onsite Optical Academy services.

Deliver the crucial onsite services to School-sites, Work-sites and Communities. We provide all of the necessary training, clients and back end support in order to deliver all your professional Eye care and Eyewear services. Provide your patients your services where they are comfortable at.

Your patients are either in school or at work and that’s where you should be! Optical Academy Alliances invites Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists with the entrepreneurial spirit to be disruptors, become an Optical Academy certified provider and deliver Onsite Eye care and Eyewear.

We have negotiated with all vendors and partners to provide you with cost efficient prices so that you are able to deliver the savings back to your patients. Exclusive Territories are on a first come first serve basis. Interviews and an approval process by the Optical Academy Executive team will be a requirement.

1. Our Mission

Optical Academy Alliances is determined to partner with passionate Eye Care professionals to help Deliver crucial Eye Exams and Eye Wear onsite until ALL Can See a Beautiful Day, Everyday!

2. Our Objectives

We have disrupted the Optical Industry with the proven, sustainable, and Award winning Optical Academy On-Site Eye Care and Eye wear model. Optical Academy Alliances refuses to allow the demonetization of the Doctor and patient relationship.¬† Optical Academy Alliances¬†partners with top notch Eye Care providers with an entrepreneurial spirit, to work ethically, and deliver their Eye Care Expertise while executing the Optical Academy model.¬† It’s not WHERE you practice, it’s HOW!

3. Our Core Values

What good is knowledge if you can’t share it, communicate it, and implement it!

We want to teach our passionate partners all the knowledge and know how to serve ALL On-Site!

We want to provide cost efficient and convenient eye care and eye wear to school sites and work sites with thoughtful eye care providers who believe in the same mission.

Everyone deserves the right to See A Beautiful Day, Everyday!